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Hello! We're Captives on the Carousel and we play folk music.

Come on in...

Captives On The Carousel are Sarah Morrey and Ben Eckersley. They play folk originals on cello and guitar, telling stories of enchantment and dark goings on... Sarah's poetic lyrics combined with Ben's haunting strings draw you into a world of mystery and magic.

They write songs influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Elliot Smith and Kings of Convenience.


They like rum.

​And cake.

And rum cake.



"Enchanting and poetic words accompanied by haunting strings."

- Now Then

"Like reading a fairy tale ... good and evil at their purest, a battle between memories and oblivion where the light of hope remains."


"Dark, sexy, atmospheric... brilliant."

- The Sheffield Scenester

"A more charming duo purveying mysterious, spine-tingly pop you're unlikely to find this side of Narnia."

- Nation Sheffield

"Dark, enchanting and truly captivating stripped down folk"

- People Are Strange

"One of, if not, the best acoustic duo this city has to offer, combining the crystal clear vocals and softly strummed guitar of Sarah Morrey and the glorious cello accompaniment of Ben Eckersley."

- Folkin' Sheffield

"Contrasting the gentle with the unsettling, the romantic with the dark, Ben's innovative cello and Sarah's subtle guitar provide the perfect backdrop for her gorgeous, pure voice."

- Backseat Mafia


"Sublime and simple songs... one of the most beautiful voices I've had the pleasure of working with."

- Nick Maldini

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