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Sarah started playing gigs on her own around Sheffield in 2005. A couple of years later a mutual friend introduced her to Ben, and we started playing together in (the much missed) The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles. In about 2008, Ben started joining Sarah at her solo shows, and soon we started writing together, and in 2009 our new duo was born!

We started taking things a bit more seriously in 2011, and in May that year (after months of fannying about) managed to self-release our debut EP. We were lucky enough to have loads of talented friends who got involved and helped them out - the amazing Caz Haigh contributed the artwork, which was then hand screen-printed onto the sleeves by Vicki Johnson. Nick Cox (of Sheffield intellectual-poppers Screaming Maldini fame) recorded us and made us sound good!

And after that, everything took off, really. We've played places like Tramlines, Peace in the Park, Eden Festival, Off The Tracks, and loads of other lovely little folk festivals - plus touring up and down the country, meeting great people and having loads of fun. In 2012 we got our collective heads together and started writing again, releasing our second EP, 'The Garden' in June 2012. 2017 will see the release of a new live recording and our long-awaited first full length LP. Have a look at the gigs page (or check facebook and twitter  for the most up to date info) to see where you can see us play next. Come and say hello - our mums say we're the friendliest band in Sheffield, and they must be right. 

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